Investment in transit is a down payment on Northern Virginia’s economic future. That was the message from business leaders and policy makers participating in Transit Means Business!, NVTC’s first annual policy forum on May 8 held at the Greensboro Conference Center in McLean, Virginia. With reauthorization of the federal surface transportation program stuck in neutral, officials made the case for transit investment, noting that it is key to attracting business and business expansion.

Calling on forum participants to support reauthorization of surface transportation programs, U.S. Deputy Transportation Secretary Victor Mendez noted that there currently is an $86-billion transit backlog in this country. “That means some people are having a hard time getting to work, and others are forced to drive when they could be taking the subway or the bus,” he said. “And that means more congestion. This ripple of congestion caused by a lack of investment in transit can turn into a tidal wave.”

Transit Means Business (8 May 2015)