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Agenda for 20 September 2021 Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee (JSDLU&TC) Meeting
by Jeff Parnes

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  1. The Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting will meet virtually at 7:00 p.m. on 20 September 2021 Due to the intensification of the coronavirus pandemic this meeting will be conducted online only! This meeting will be held using a WebEx meeting URL. Meeting Information:
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  4. Jim Neighbors, the Sully District Council Secretary, has recently updated the JSDLU&TC Land Use Matrix.

  5. The Sully District Council of Citizens Associations Membership meeting is scheduled for 22 September 2021
  6. Joint Sully Land Use and Transportation Committee topics:

    1. 7:00 — A PCA to allow data centers versus currently approved office buildings
      • This a return presentation since their presentation in June
      • From the Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Presentation Request Application Form:
        • Proponent: Lori Greenlief, Senior Land Use Planner, McGuireWoods LLP
        • Proposal: A PCA application to amend the currently approved plan which shows two office buildings to allow another option of two data centers. Our Planning Commission date is Sept. 29.
        • Location: Corner of Parkstone Drive and Conference Center Drive in Westfields. 43-4((6))37A and 27
        • Exempt: Is
        • Read Statement: Not Applicable
      • See their original proposed rendering and maps
      • The following items have changed since their June presentation.
        • They have revised their plan for the Parkstone property data centers.
        • Although nothing has changed in terms of the buildings, they did receive late notice from NOVEC that the only way to service the data centers was through boxes in a corner of the buffer area to Braddock Road. They have limited the area as much as possible and a hefty buffer still remains. The area will contain approximately 8 boxes that are about 4 feet tall as shown on the attached picture. It is not a substation or anything large such as that.
        • As was requested, they have confirmed that they are maintaining the trail connection from the existing trail on Braddock to the property.
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  8. Items of General Interest:

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  10. As circumstances permit, next month's Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting will start at 7 PM

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jeffrey M. Parnes
    Land Use and Transportation Chair
    Sully District Council

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